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art by eloi, Inc. is Branding and Marketing with a speciality in Web Development, Animation, Videography, Photography, and Design.
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our mission

We believe that in our fast-paced, tech-savvy, culture, it is essential for you to establish a truthful, personal and unique connection with your target market through high-end, strategically-executed, visual communication.

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Simply put, we develop...

Brand Strategies

the plan to
communicate with
your customers

Multimedia Design

the strategy made
manifest through
design and media

Digital Marketing

the delivery and
timing to reach
your customers

Online Presence

web development
and content to create
a coherent narrative




Copywriting Content
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Optimization
Email Campaigns
Advertising Campaigns


Logo & Branding Development
Web Development
Graphic Design / Web Design
Environmental Design
Interior Designer
3d Modeling
Sound Production

Here’s what our clients say:

Eloi is an amazing artist with a talent for helping others express their ideas. I had the fortune of having him manage the development of my website including everything from logo design to business software integration. I ended up with much more than I expected and that has become the norm when working with Eloi. When it comes to navigating my digital platform, marketing and anything related to my brand, he's the first person I talk to.

Dr. Anish Bajaj

I worked with Eloi at Michael C. Fina and I can attest to his great skills as a graphic designer and photo retoucher.
He has expert knowledge in the field, knows all the current trends in design and is highly skilled in all the software applications.
Eloi also has a great personality and is easy to work with as a team member. He brings a great attitude to the job and produces his work in a timely fashion.

Michael Glover

Eloi designed my website for me. He was great to work with, providing fast follow-up to questions, and completing job requests in a timely manner. Would definitely work with him again!

Monica Lawson

When I first contacted Eloi about website development and branding for my new consulting business, Distant Harbour Consulting, about the only thing concrete I gave him to work with was the URL and artwork for a seaplane I'd had for years. I did manage to write up a creative brief, but brief was the operative word. He patiently sat with me as I explained what I was hoping to accomplish with the site, and together we fleshed out the brief to a point where he could begin concept development.
Throughout the process, I found Eloi to be considerate, timely and responsive. From initial concepts to the final executed design and logo, the entire experience was seamless. I would be pleased to recommend his services.

Edward Brookshire

Being an independent artist is hard. You have all the talent and little resources. I believe just because you are independent doesn't mean your body of work should reflect it. When I decided it was time to build my brand as an artist I knew a good website was key. Eloi Ortega was and still is my first choice.
Eloi enjoys his work and it shows. His attention to detail is impeccable and is paired with his helpful suggestions that enhance your ideas. He even took the time out to research the most economical engine for my site. It was a pleasure working with Eloi so much that I recommended his services to a life coach wanting to take their brand to the next level. If you want great work with deadlines met....Eloi's the one!


Eloi has been a great help in the past few weeks. There have been many requests for website updates for (client name withheld) that required immediate attention and Eloi made sure that all were taken care of. We met important deadlines and it was due to Eloi's quick response. He understands the need to get the client what they want, when they want it. Thanks for all of your help Eloi!!!

Jennifer Rose

Eloi isn't your typical pretentious web designer. Always providing open communication he was willing and able to answer any questions I had about building my site. Most importantly he was able to understand and translate my ideas and concepts into a beautiful and practical website.
When I felt overwhelmed with the process and looming deadlines Eloi put me at ease working well under pressure and providing helpful suggestions on how to take my site to the next level. With the personalized service Eloi provides I look forward to working with him again very soon.

Nefeteri Peoples

Eloi Ortega is not only a genuine artist but a very professional and patient Entrepreneur. I've worked with other graphic artists and web designers before I met Eloi and what I learned, after many trials, is to get exactly what you want, your designer should not only be a good artist but also a visionary and that's exactly what I got working with Eloi.
As I started up my own company, Urban Media tv, the layout and logo were key components to the look an feel I wanted my audience to have. Eloi assessed my needs and my budget and delivered above and beyond my expectations. It's like he read my mind! He was diligent and on time, making his work ethic as an artist above par in this industry. He assisted with getting my graphics on a continuous stream of animation versus boring slides and my logos were sleek, giving the urban edge and custom look I was looking for. He even customized my logo to fit eloquently with info on my business cards. I was beyond satisfied with his work. He set a high standard of what to expect from a graphic and web designer. I will definitely continue working with Eloi, currently working on the next project with a not for profit organization with him. So glad I found him, he's a keeper!

Lissette Izaguirre

I hired Eloi to help me create front end design and code for my website. Not being visual myself, I gave him very little instruction but he was able to not only run with the idea, but make a fantastic website. The code was organized, well written, and the site was graphically better than I anticipated. I connected with Eloi through craigslist. He was the 4th developer I had hired, so imagine my surprise that even though we only connected through emails, he was responsive, reliable and very helpful. Even though the project I originally hired him for has been completed, I still turn to Eloi for help in growing my website. He is a pleasure to work with. Patient, smart, and able to manage himself, and his time. He was able to scope a project without any hidden or added fees- even though I'm sure he deserved more. He seems to work because he enjoys what he does. And he does it well. I felt jerked around by previous hires who wouldn't admit they didn't have any idea on how to start or work the project. They wasted time, money, and made me feel disheartened. I feel very lucky to have met Eloi as my dreams were made a reality by him. He knows everything from graphics, front end coding, to back end coding. A rare find/ mix of talents. Work with him if you are looking for someone who can get the job done, while maintaining the right attitude which is positive, and supportive. I can only hope that everyone I hire has the same work ethic... or to be able to work with him again. Contact me if you want to hear more- I'm very willing to help recommend him for your projects.

Tree McD

I was a UI developer under Eloy's supervision and can easily say that I have not had a manger who is as knowledgable, and down to earth as Eloy. Regardless of the task at hand, Eloy was the first to say it can be done, and worked until the sun came up to ensure it was perfect when it came due. I am grateful for the time I spent working with him.

Jordan Hauge


Here are some things you should know about the owner if you are considering us for your project:

eloi ortega, owner

20+ Yrs: Visual Communication

10 Yrs:
Web Development


Time without missing a deadline:







As a designer and web developer, Eloi Ortega has played a lead role in deploying sites for companies such as:

How will we work with you?

Check out some insight into our process. Each project is unique, but this is a foundation on how we approach each one.

Plug and Play

We can supply our full suite of services, or plug-in with your current vendors as required for a project. We value established partnerships as much as making new ones. You never need to worry about upselling or divisiveness as we team up with with your vendors.

Key Focus

It’s easy to get lost in the how’s and when’s of a project. We focus on the WHY’s throughout the life of a project. By creating tangible goals, we create a guide for every strategic and aesthetic decision we make, communicating your company’s uniqueness to your customers. When strategizing your project, we develop a timeline to reach your goals, taking into account market penetration, budget and timing requirements.

Your Customers are People too

Whether you do B2C or B2B, there is a person that decides to use your products and services. From spoon-feeding content to style direction, this paradigm is essential in how we develop strategies to reach your company's goal.

Time is Money

An integral part of your strategy is scheduling. Whether we deploy all parts of the project at once, or release parts in phases, we establish the best schedule to maximize reaching your goals while keeping your budget to a minimum.

Built to Spec

We spend a lot of time researching, not only your goals, but your company and industry. This helps us define what the scope of your project will entail and what services we can recommend. Many times, we find solutions not originally sought to empower our clients by using tools they aren't aware of, saving time and money long after the project ends.

No job is too small or too big

Our company started and continues to thrive with small business clients. We may grow, but our ego doesn’t. We stand by new entrepreneurs and small businesses, working within your budget to get the most out of every dollar. Expect the same level of service and attentiveness as our largest account, because we wouldn't be here without you.

You paid for it, so you own it

All files, original art and ownership rights are released to you upon project completion. We do not hold work you paid for hostage, nor do we turn a single project into a recurring cost. In fact, we encourage our clients to be empowered after our work is done. The only right we reserve is the right to display it in our portfolio. That said, sensitive information like trade secrets, mature content, etc. is kept in confidence and won't be shared.

We aim to be your 1-stop shop

We really do pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge. It’s why our clients keep coming back. Working with a new vendor is always a game of chance, which is why our client relationships often start off small and soon grow in trust and scope. We often reply to questions about our capabilities with, “yes, we can do that, too”.


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